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The main point of this site is to highlight that change has become a discipine and culture within the Enterprise. Enterprises that can adopt change will be able to move from one company cycle to another. IT and processes are core components of that change.

Business Process Management

A dinner which hosted HSCB, Johnson  & Johnson, RBS, Shell, Amec and others all we in agreement that change does not come from I, however IT is a key driver in the change. Change really comes from the Exec and needs executive sponsorship and can take no prisoners to be successful. Therefore a good change director needs to have a 18 to 24 month time horizon and not aiming to consolidate their organisational position as part of the change. In this area consultancy or specialised interim services are idea.

Change Components

  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Fixed change scope
  • Change Team
  • IT Alignment
  • Project and Financial Milestones
  • Ruthless Focus on Milestones
  • No Scope creep
  • Clarity around the processes and the IT