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Information, Process and Change

The site is a personal reflection on topics of Information Technology and Change Management in an medium size enterprise together with topics as a CTO I find interesting.

Main Business Drivers

The main drivers from the Business on the IT department are increasing outsourcing at Layers, the introduction of Collaboration technologies and the rapid adoption of a Social Media policy and strategy, an introduction of mobility into core business processes, the need to use Asset Management techniques much more effectively and much greater of Business Intelligence through out the enterprise. These will become initial topics that I will be reflecting upon.

Business Cycle

The other aspect to this page is a observation on the main Business Cycles which has a global and macro economic impact on all the Enterprises. Certainly the sector I am working in which provides services to the Government and Quasi Government this has a profound impact. Confidence and Budgets have a significant impact on the IT sector, depending on the change function the business hopes to realise. The current concern is that the business cycle has hit its very weak peak and the key economies still not out of their double recession and some may end up in a triple recession, if this continues we will see a IT move back into a cost cutting cycle which I believe will continue to accelerate IT outsourcing.


A CTO able to create an IT strategy that converts business challenges into Information systems solutions with an excellent track record delivering sustained value to the business.